Our friendship was never healthy. But Once we entered college it became more unbearable. It was like you became more of who you were in high school, while I was trying to find myself. You started to become more controlling, only wanting me to hang out with you. It was like I didn't even own my life anymore. Every time I was near you I could feel myself becoming more and more depressed. I couldn't pretend that everything was normal anymore and make excuses for all the negativity, abuse, and lies. It reached the point where I was losing my identity to fit into the box you created for 'me'; the 'me' that isn't who I am or ever wanted to be, but who you wanted me to be. The moment I finally stopped turning a blind eye and talk to you about it, all you did was laugh and pass it off like a joke even when you knew I was serious. It was like you were so used to me putting up with you that you were convinced I was never going to leave you. I tried to make our friendship work until I realized it was never going to work because you didn't respect me. After I finally ended our friendship, I felt like the weight was off my chest and then guilt started to pour in me. It got to the point where I started to wonder if I did the right thing, or if I was crazy and imaging the whole thing. It wasn't until I got your response that I knew I did right. You tried to guilt trip me, make me feel isolated, make it seem like I needed you more then you needed me, and then tried to say, "You should've told me you felt that way. Instead of keeping it bottled up." then get hostile when my last words to you were "Bye." by saying, "That I was nothing without you."

At that moment I was filled with so much rage not towards you, but toward me. All I could think was: I put myself in this position, that I let it go this far, I should've set boundary lines sooner, and why did I give this person so much power over me.

I was so consumed with my thoughts that I realized something: There was a reason why you were placed inside my life and it was in order for me to be the person I am today. If you ever find this letter I want you to know that I'm thankful you were placed inside myself. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be the person I was meant to be: this strong minded, independent person who isn't afraid to be themselves. You taught me to stop being a pushover and know when enough is enough. You taught me to finally accept and love myself. You taught me to know my worth. For that I will always be thankful, so thank you.