The room was so dark and dusty when I walked in. It was nothing like I had remembered it too be. It used to be such a joyous place, always filled with laughter and light. I remembered the last time I had been inside of it. It had just been last week but it felt like a lifetime ago. Everything seemed so different now. I sat down on her bad and smoothed out the wrinkles in my black dress. It still smelled like her. The best mix of lavender and vanilla. She always smelled so good. I recalled the events that had taken place in this memory filled room just last week. I had come over after school to hang out and get ready to go out with all of our friends. It had seemed like any other Friday night, I always went over to Emmis house to get ready with her. She was my best friend and it had been that way since the seventh grade. We talked about nothing in particular and helped each other with hair and makeup. We were going to the lake near our houses with some of our friends for an, “end of the year party.” They may have been some alcohol here or there but nothing too severe and besides me and Emmi had never really been into drinking anyway. I wish I could have known. Maybe I could have stopped her. The memories from the room seemed to flood in and cover the whole room, drowning me in the center. There were so many pictures on the walls of us and many others. Each one had a different meaning behind it. I took a deep breath and glanced at myself in the mirror on her desk. I looked awful. The bags under my eyes were dark and I had a bit of mascara smudged around my eyes. The cold air in the room seemed to wrap around me like an icy blanket, suffocating me. I had brought a box so that I could take some of my and her stuff with me. I began to gather up a few things that reminded me of her. If only I would have known. I stood up and began to leave the room. It remained in its dark and dusty state. It seemed like it was waiting for her. Waiting for something that would never return.