1.- I barely talk about myself on social media, so for me this is a whole new thing.

2.- As you can see in my bio, I was born in 1997 so I'm 20 years old (21 this year)

3.- I'm mexican with a bit of italian blood

yucatan, 7 maravillas, and chichenitza image
Image by dorakunkli

4.- I speak three languages: spanish, english, and german (yeah, what a shame I don't speak italian)

5.- I'm majoring in architecture

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6.- If you haven't noticed yet, I love art and architecture

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7.- I'm a fan of luxury brands like chanel, gucci, louis vuitton... it's a curse

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8.- I consider myself a cinemaniac

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9.- Cats are my favorite pets

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10.- I'm a fast learner

11.- I've danced for more than 8 years and still can't dance. I get it, I wasn't born for this

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12.- I'm 5'1

13.- No one procrastinates more than me, I legit made a CV and sent it to three building companies today to avoid doing homework

14.- I CAN'T cook SOS

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15.- I'm always changing my favorite color, I don't know which is anymore

16.- I love attention I'm not sorry

17.- I'm an awful sleeper, I don't know how to sleep, I kick a lot

18.- When I'm drunk I get very violent

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19.- When I made my WHI account I just wanted to save an image but thought I had to create an account to do that and here I am now...

20.- I feel that if I weren't so impatient I could have accomplised a lot of things

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