The cat sat perched on the window sill. He stared out into the yard before him. Trees and bushes filled with green littered the yard. Flowers of all different colors sprang up here and there. The cat wondered what it would be like to roll around in the fluffy grass or smell the aroma of the wildflowers. He longed to be able to adventure in the backyard jungle that he stared at through the glass every day. He heard the click of the door and turned his focus back on the grey room he sat inside of. He knew he would soon be greeted with pats and kisses and so he jumped down off of the window sill in preparation. His owner, a tall slender young women, greeted him as she entered into the room. He enjoyed the attention but as he glanced back over at the window he knew that he enjoyed the thought of the outdoors more. Every night when he went to sleep he dreamt of being wrapped in pure golden rays and flying through branches of green. He knew that that’s what he wanted. He also knew that he loved the tall women who cared for him so dearly. He was torn really, between the thing he had always dreamed of and the thing that he had always had. He had always seen her happy and smiling when the sun was out, but some nights when he jumped up onto her bed he heard her short raspy breath and knew that he smiles had faded. So he would curl up next to her and she would softly stroke him until they both fell asleep. He knew what he wanted, what he had always dreamt of. That’s why he decided to keep visiting that place in his dreams. Maybe one day he would get his wish, but for now he was content.