How many times have you felt like you do not belong right where you are!? You look around and you feel hopeless. You observe many faces around you, but no one takes a moment just to look back at you. Due to that,they are not able to perceive the pain you are hiding behind your smile.

Don’t feel bad, YOU are not alone!

I’ve been there before...
In fact,I am here to tell you that YOU will make it through.I do not deny it, it won’t be easy. There will be several times when you will feel like nothing makes sense.However, I assure you, YOU are STRONG enough!!!

You posses a light inside you that the world has tried to turn off, and it is constantly fighting against yourself because you are scared to let it shine. I do not blame you, it is complicated to be different. You are constantly asking yourself, “What will they say if I choose to be myself?” Trust me, their opinion does not matter. What does matter is that Him,who gave His life for you still believes that you will let His bright light make an impact that no one can ever take away from you!!!

It is you, you have the power to decide ...
Will you let His LIGHT shine through you or will you just keep letting the world decide who you really are!?

-Bianca Ramos