hello guys ✨

this is an article for all the boys and girls who don't have a couple to spend valentines day with (including me).

in Mexico, my country, this day is also called día del amor y la amistad, which means "love and friendship day". so people here focus also on friends a lot, not only in relationships, which i think is really cute and important.

so here are some ideas on how to make this day cool and special even if you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

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1. hang out with your best friend

this is like an everyday thing because they're your best friends, but making special stuff with them on this day makes it extra special. you can either just stay at home together or plan something as if it was an important date but instead is just hanging out with your favorite person in the world.

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my best friend and i are just going to stay at my place, watch movies, eat a lot and it will also probably end on singing like crazy to our fav songs or stalcking people we like on instagram.

2. hang out with your mom.

if you have a cool friendship with your mom it´s really nice to do stuff with her. it can be really helpful for your relationship to have quality moments together like that.

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you can go shopping, buy each other treats or go to have dinner together.

3. avoid negative posts

honestly, valentines day is full of negativity. it's all full of "i´m not gonna get anything" "nobody loves me" "i'm so lonely" posts and they're not helpful. don't focus on that.

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just enjoy yourself, sometimes it's better to be single, if you don't have anyone yet it's because it's not the moment yet, but the time will come.

4. throw a small party or go to one

even a small reunion can work. you just need to gather your friends together, put some music and have some fun. you can do like a "secret santa: valentines day edition" and give each other gifts or get drunk together. the thing is to have lots of fun, this day is considered a celebration after all.

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5. focus the day on you

have a date with yourself. light a candle in your room and listen to the music you love, hang out with your pet. buy things for yourself that make you happy.

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self love is the most important of all
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so that's it for today. i hoped you liked this, i will probably upload an article one of this days about why i'm single so stay tuned if you wanna read that haha <3

thank you so much for all the love. have a nice valentines day, i love you.

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bye xx