Hey so today I'm gonna show you my everyday makeup routine, i wear this to school and it hasn't failed me yet, i do a dewy/natural look so here ya go. its only 5 steps so...

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1) primer everywhere I just apply my orimer to my eyes, face, and neck. I use elf hydrating face primer.
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2)foundation i just use a small amount like 2-3 drops of my nyx total control foundation and blend that all over my face
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3) conceal i use any of my dozens of concealers. this is an iffy one this depends if i have and acne or blemishes at the time if i don't i usually just do eye bags.
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4)brows next i just shape my brows and fill them in using Anastasia dip brow.
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5)highlight next i highlight to the gods!!!
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6)mascara i have naturaully very long lashes but to make them have some oomf i add some colorless/clear mascara
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7)setting powder just to finish it all off and i have very oily skin

just cuz ya dont wanna be crusty