So today was nothing more than just one big fight from the moment I woke up till the moment I cuddled my dog to keep warm. I haven't tasted food in almost 2 days but today something made me eat. and it made me feel worse after the fact that eating makes me feel alive. is just the worse... The only song i have really listened to today is i'm sorry by Joyner Lucas (and for people who don't know what that song is about its about suicide). Just I dont know honestly not many people messed with me today which was a good thing but now its night and the room is growing dark and so is my mind only a few things can light it up but its kinda hard to light this room up when you are the only thing in it. The world is not about being alone so you have to find someone to help light it but what are you gonna do when you are the one who blows the flame out. Nothing you are gonna have to face the pain and try to get some other way of light... and thats the sun you just gotta hope and pray you make it to the sunrise or else.. the darkness wins. I have never seen anything wrong with the darkness but it only truly hurts at 12 and it continues to hurt until 5... it haunts the dreams of kids who actually need to be happy trying to drag them down... we all just gotta find our own light.. its hard but we have to (Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this)