in honor of valentines day! she's literally the cutest thing on earth, she makes me laugh 25/8 and i love her.

she's such an outgoing and fun person

couple, grunge, and dark image girls, ghetto, and tumblr image girl, car, and hair image girl, night, and besties image

she reminds me of checkered print for some reason

Image by c l a r a fashion, red, and style image aesthetic, checkered, and dark image Image by c l a r a

she's actually so naturally pretty it's uncanny

aesthetic, eye, and tumblr image girl, hair, and beauty image beauty, makeup, and face image Image by .vous`oui◦

she lives life to the fullest

grunge, cigarette, and pale image girl, Devil, and aesthetic image girl, friends, and night image friends, friendship, and alternative image

she has a huge heart and is always smiling

Animais, animal, and animals image pale, skin, and tatto image girl, fashion, and smile image Image by Ju.

she always tries and is optimistic

quotes, keep going, and text image don't worry, light, and yellow image quotes, heaven, and yellow image quotes, happiness, and yellow image

she moves and lives very fast

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she is obsessed with the show reign

adelaide kane and reign image reign, adelaide kane, and arrow image Queen, crown, and aesthetic image reign, francis, and mary image

i love her so much.