One day, I told a 3-year-old boy I know that he is pretty and he replied critical "Boys can't be pretty, they're handsome". I laughed and tried to explain: "Of course, they can be. Boys can be described as pretty and girls can be described as handsome. There are no rules for that." He thought about it for a while and finally said. "You are handsome." I smiled and thanked him. A few weeks later we were playing with Lego and he was holding a figure that was probably supposed to be a girl because of its longer black hair. I asked him: "Do want this to be a girl or a boy?" He decided for a boy and his sister said: "But this is a girl, look at the hair!" The boy shook his head and answered: "Boys are allowed to be pretty (and to have long hair) and girls are allowed to be handsome." I smiled and stayed silent but I was unbelievably proud. He had remembered.

The truth is, I am like the little boy. Everyday I learn new things and meet new people, masterpieces, that you will never see twice. It is important to know and accept that stereotypes and moral values should be the exception and not the rule. People get easily scared of things or people they don't have any experience with. And so sometimes they decide to push it/them away, instead of getting to know it/them. But just because it is unfamiliar to us, doesn't make it wrong or bad. We have to get used to it and that is not somebody else's problem but simply ours. Some human beings might not agree with me that it are our diversities that make us great and strong. It is their right to think that and I can't take that away. Nevertheless, I hope one day they'll open their eyes and see the world and its people with their differences in another way. To all those beautiful, colorful and inspiring souls out there: Make a difference and show everyone what you got. Some may not understand yet but I'll hope they will.

A troubled mind that truly believes in the good of human kind. Always.