I think one of the most beautiful things in life is being able to share our lives with one another as human beings. On the outside, we all may seem different, having characteristics and traits, beliefs, gender, that make us unique, but on the inside, we all have the same needs.

We may have different hair, different eyes, different skin color, different style, different talk, or a different kind of walk, but deep down inside, the one thing that will always bind us as one race is our emotions.

Emotions are what humanize us.

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All color is beautiful and unique. Although we may look different on the outside, we are all humans and are the same internally with the same needs out of life.

All emotions are beautiful and are felt by all, whether we display them to the public eye or not.

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Without emotions, there would be no such thing as a human. To be human is to feel.

Everything we do in life as a human, whether that would be an action, choice, thought, things we say or do, it all derives from our emotions. People will live or die for things or people based off of an emotion. This is due to our human needs. We will do anything to fulfill our lives with what we need to survive. That is to feel accepted, to feel loved, to feel assurance, to feel the element of surprise, significance to contribute to the world and to grow together and as individuals. Tony Robbins, an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach discussed this in his Ted talk, The 6 basic human needs, which I highly recommend you check out, and points out that these areas which are the 6 basic needs of all human beings. We may want different outcomes in life, believe in different things, hang out with different crowds, but we all have the same needs, valuing some needs more than others. This is the reason why our outcomes in life are different than others. What we value is what we are going to get.

We all have our own experiences, relationships we have built, encounters we have experienced, emotions we have felt, but at the end of the day, all those stories happened and are apart of us because another human or humans contributed to that story that makes you who you are. So really, we are created by many lives to make us who we are today.

Have you ever thought about that? We are a piece of everyone. Each person in your life contributes to your existence. Without each other, we would not be human. We share our experiences, feel one another's feeling, talk to each other about life and realize we all have been through similar things. This then triggers our emotions and has a direct or indirect impact on us and influences who we become.

Turns out we aren't so different after all. We have a blank canvas foundation we are all born with, like a brand new coloring book and from there we colorize one another's lives to make us unique, by utilizing all the crayons in the box to complete our picture.

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Color brings life to the human.



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