01. All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA: "Love, lets talk about love.. Is it anything and everything you hoped for."

sza image black panther, k. dot, and Marvel image

02. Face to Face - Zach Clayton: "I can't get you out my mind, if you can't talk to later thats fine."

clayton, zach clayton, and zach image brown, zach, and cute image

03. New Americana - Halsey: "We are the new americana. High on legal marijuana. Raised on Big and Nirvana, we are the new americana."

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04. Gasoline - Halsey: "You can't wake up this is not a dream. You're part of a machine you are not a human being. With your face all made up living on a screen. Low on self esteem so you run on Gasoline."

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05. Murder she wrote - Tay K: "Try to play me like a pussy nigga and it won't work Chopper with the stock, it's gon' kick but it won't hurt. Turn this bitch sideways, rip him like some homework. "

tayk, tayk47, and tayk47shawty image tay k image

06. Gangsta - Khelani: "I need a Gangsta, to love me better than all the others do. To always forgive me, ride or die with me. Thats just what gangstas' do."

kehlani, khelani, and kehlani music image kehlani, beauty, and tattoo image

07. You Got It - Bryson Tiller: " Bad lil thang, yeah. True Religion jeans, yeah. super clean, yeah. Whats good with you and me yeah. Chasin dreams yeah. Hit me when you're free yeah."

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08. Can You Stand The Rain - New Edition: "Sunny days, everybody loves them. Tell me baby can you stand the rain. Storms will come, this we know for sure, tell me baby can you stand the rain."

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09. Enemy Fire - Bea Miller: "Burn a whole through the plastic crowd, cause I've been trying to find a way out, its so confusing but never amusing. Sweet smiles in the aftermath. Turns to whispering behind my back. I need an ally to guard the night time."

bea miller image bea miller image

10. Pretty Girl- Maggie Lindemann: "I can swear, I can joke. I say whats on my mind. If I drink if i smoke, I keep up with the guys. If you see me holding up my middle finger to the world. Fuck your ribbons and your pearls cause I'm not just a pretty girl."

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11. 2 cigaretts- Jack & Jack: No more late nights, us just talkin. Use to FaceTime now you just calling. Its no one fault but somethings just fall apart.

jack gilinsky and boy image Image by Beka

12. Hurt People- Jack & Jack: Hurt people, hurt people. Hurt people so lethal. Round and around we go. Yeah we use to the blame. Everybody heart breaking, hungover love wasted. Too much we can't take it

jack johnson image aesthetic, friendship, and gone image

13. Distraction- Jack & Jack:I can see that you been hurtin' Baby, don't beat yourself up. Be right here with me now.All of your tears, he ain't worth 'em. What you had then isn't love. I'm right here with you now.

Image by Юля Савина jack and jack, jack gilinsky, and jack j image

14. Last Thing - Jack & Jack:Can we just leave the expectations at the door. No stipulations. Say it again,that's the last thing that I want.that's the last thing that I want.

jack johnson, jack g, and jack and jack image jack and jack and jack gilinsky image

15. Falling - Jack & Jack: Falling, falling, falling, falling. For you, you, you, you. Even on my way up. Got me thinkin' 'bout you every day now. Falling, falling, falling, falling
For you, you, you, you. Every single day now. Got me looking at you in a different way now

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