I want to share a Top 20 of songs which are hard for me to listen to (for different reasons) bc I am and I've always been emo lol.

1.Hymn For The Missing - Red

girl, sunset, and sky image

2.Friend,please - TOP

twenty one pilots, Lyrics, and quotes image

3.Y Si Fuera Ella - Jonghyun's version

Jonghyun, SHINee, and eye image

4.Mirror - Bruno Mars

gif, mirror, and music video image

5.I Need Somebody - Day6

day6, dowoon, and wonpil image

6.Spring Day - BTS

bts, v, and spring day image

7.Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

love, mirror, and couple image

8.Not Gonna Die - Skillet

band, black and white, and boy image

9.Where's my Wonderland? - BOTDF

cat, alice in wonderland, and tea image

10.Right now - One Direction

one direction, right now, and Lyrics image

11.Amnesia - 5SOS

5sos, amnesia, and 5 seconds of summer image

12.Echo - Jason Walker

echo, jason walker, and alone image

13.Tomorrow - BTS

gif, Lyrics, and tomorrow image

14.Rock me - One Direction (yep)

one direction, 1d, and liam payne image

15.My Demons - Starset

future, gif, and message image

16.Waves - Mr. Probz

beautiful, blue, and clear water image

17.Lost in The Echo - Linkin Park

music, linkin park, and nu metal image

18.Maps - Maroon 5

5, help, and maroon 5 image

19.Bacterial Contamination - Miku Hatsune

calne ca, bacterial contamination, and calcium miku image

20.Doubt - TOP

twenty one pilots, quotes, and dark image

I have a lot more but xd this is fine.
Enjoy (????) ,goodbye from my emo self ✌