I've been through a lot of road trips so here are some tips I've learned through my experience on what to take with you to your road trip and have the best time.

Some of these depend wether you're going to the beach, a small town, the city, etc.

Before you start, I want you to know that I used to travel with nothing but earphones and nothing bad happened, so don't put pressure on yourself on what to take with you for the perfect road trip, instead focus on your actual needs.

1.- Bag

Obviously you'll need something to carry all your things for the journey. To choose the perfect bag you need to know where this trip is going to; so my number one recommendation is to use the same bag in the road trip and the one that you're using once you're in your destination.

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A small backpack if you're heading to the city (you'd probably need another one to carry extra stuff since it is small)
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A backback if you're going somewhere that require long walks and you know you aren't going to be in your stay all day
Image by adolescente_sola
A large bag if you're going to the beach (ps. the one in the image is actually a beach bag)
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A crossbody is my main recommendation as well as a backback, except the crossbody is smaller and stylish -er?

2.- Sweatshirt

If you get cold easily, a long ride with the A/C on will become unconfortable. Taking a sweatshirt is never extra on a trip (unless you're going somewere very hot), so when the ride ends you can have it as a spare item for an outfit.

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3.- Sunglasses

Probably at some point the sun will be hitting you in the face so it's always a good idea to have easy access to your sunglasses instead of tossing them into your baggage and never taking them out until you've arrived to your destination.

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4.- Mints or gum

You gotta keep your breath fresh because you'll probably going to be able to brush your teeth until you get there.

So there is a reason why I prefer mints instead of gum, and that is because when I finish chewing gum I'd want to throw it out right away and there's not going to be always a trash can.

Although some people find relaxing to chew gum through the road so you do you.

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5.- Hand sanitizer

You don't know when you're going to wash your hands.

I prefer scent antibacterial instead of the regular one because smells good and kills germs so you don't have to carry with body fresh or something, the antibacterial will be enough.

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6.- Headphones / Earphones

Personally I prefer taking earphones than headphones, because they're more comfortable if I fall asleep listening to music.

A pro for headphones is that they cancel the noise better than earphones but my roadtrips are always calm, not completely quiet but calm so I don't need that feature.

Pro tip (or warning): Based on my experience, do not take the ear pods because if one of them falls while you're asleep it's lost forever, actually you'd eventually find it but the anguish will ruin your trip.

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7.- Tissues

Take a small package (not the actual box), they will help you if you spill something, get a running nose, need to put away your gum, or if someone else needs one. It's always good to travel with tissues.

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8.- Moisturizer

My face gets so dry when I'm road tripping so I take some moisturizer with me to avoid that.

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9.- Eye lubricant

If you're using contact lenses, take those eye drops with you because they will get dry!! (If you can wear eye glasses, better)

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10.- A comb and a chapstick

I know they don't exactly go together but I didn't want separate them because they both lead to my same point: when someone is taking a picture and I need to look less hobbo I just comb my hair (those little brushes that have a mirror with them are perfect) and put on some babylips (or any other stained chapstick).

A little tip that saved my life is that I straighten my hair before hitting the road because it make me look prettier and put together without any effort nor anything on my hair.

If you have thick hair or a lot of it take a hair tie.

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11.- The Outfit

Of course this depends on so many things but there's nothing better than a comfy but nice shirt, jeans, and sneakers (you can wear shorts instead of jeans in the summer time). That way you aren't overdressed/unconfortable for the trip but you still look nice for a picture.

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The idea of this article is to help you enjoy your road trip with the minimal stuff to carry but of course it depends on how many hours you're actually going to spend inside the car so it's up your criteria to add some of these:


For some people this is an essential and it is, but in my case we always stop for food or snacks when we're already on the road so I don't need to carry anything with me before the trip.

(And knowing me, I'd eat my snack without even leaving the city yet)


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If you know that the sweater won't be enough then don't forget to take a small but cozy blanket =)

Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel

Neck Pillow

Again, if your trip is going to be a long one a neck pillow will save your life! Except not everybody needs one but if your neck is always sore after a road trip nap try with one of these.

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I've seen a lot of people taking whipes to their roadtrips, I've been through twenty thousand trips without needing those but if you feel like you need them, go ahead.

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I know, sunscreen should be in the must haves instead of the extras but when do you decide to randomly put on some suncreen in the middle of the road? I usually do it before the road and after arriving to my destination, but if you're that person, a small one will do and you can keep the full size bottle inside your baggage.

Pro tip: Nowadays there are tons of make up bases that have spf in their formula so keep that in mind (the Vichy one is brilliant).

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If you want some more tips for road tripping or specific questions just hmu, I always answer my messages.
Ps. I can't recommend anything related to cold weather or road tripping to a ski area because I've never been there


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Thank you so much for reading -Valeria