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Love, we all want love in our lives, right? We don't really know or understand exactly why. We don't really stop to think of what is it about love that make us all go crazy looking for it. We just do it. But is a fact that humans are social individuals, and we need to establish relationships with others to survive. It's an instinct.

Love is a complicated feeling to explain. Even though we all feel it at one determined point of our lives, why do we all have different concepts of love?. Is my concept of love the same as yours?

Well guys, since tomorrow is the big day for the "Romantics", and you can feel love in the air literally everywhere you go or every time you turn On your TV. I thought it would be great to philosophize about this wonderful feeling for a little bit. That's why today I bring to you: #TheLovelyTag ♥ which consist in answering with total honestly the following ten questions I pick about love, and try to understand better this feeling, and see how others perceive love as well. LET'S DO IT!

Love is a promise; Love is a souvenir. Once given never forgotten, never let it disappear. ♡
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♥ The Lovely Tag ♥

1. What does love mean to you?

I believe that love is to the soul the same oxygen is for our body. We can't live without it. Love is what feeds our soul and keep it shinny and healthy. Love is everything that contributes that bright to your eyes, and makes your heart beats out of your chest.

2. Why do you think we feel love?

Love comes within us. We were born out of love. Like pain arises when we hit something, love arises when we found something that has the power to connect with our souls, and has the power to make it even prettier than before.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

No. I believe in attraction at first sight, but in my opinion you need to know well a person to love them.

4. Do you consider yourself a romantic person?

Hell yeah, more than I should to be honest. I'm the kind of girl that will spoil the hell out of the person I'm dating with my time, poems, songs, spontaneous adventures, food, cute notes here and there etc... And I'm also a big fan of cuddles and kisses, so... Hahaha.

5. What in your opinion is the best part about being in love?

I would say the whole thing. I love the butterflies in the stomach, the light in our eyes when we talk about the person we love, and that unconscious smiles that appears out of nowhere. Is a wonderful experience.

6. Have you ever fallen in love of someone you can't have?

Yes, it happened a couple months ago. Is an awful feeling to be honest.

7. What do you expect from the Love of your life?

I expect a person with a beautiful heart, someone really kind, with a good head on his shoulders. Someone with an open mind, someone who is not afraid to be weird or speak for what he believes in. Someone with a good sense of humor, but not cruel. Someone passionate, with determination and goals. Someone creative and spontaneous.

8. Have you already found the love of your life?

Well my response is the next: I have found the love of my life within myself, I believe the first person you learn to love is yourself, and only when you learn to truly love yourself is when you are ready to love someone else. But I still haven't found the love of my life in other person yet. So I'm still looking for the one.

9. Do you think love can be forever?

For sure, as I said love is something that comes within us. You will love yourself forever, you will love a family member forever and if you are lucky enough to find the person that is meant to be with you, you will love them forever. Is a fact.

10. How do you make others feel loved?

I make them feel special, I invest my time in them, I pay attention to the things they love and try to give them as much as I can wonderful experiences, I protect them, and I am loyal to them no matter what. I am there anytime they need me to talk and support them during the lows and the highs. I give them my trust and respect theirs as something special.

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Alright that was it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The people I would love to tag are the next:

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Make sure to make the people you love feel special not only today, but everyday! I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day!! ♥♥

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