being positive is hard, I know that life is always trying to make its way to you bringing obstacles to make you become more aware of yourself, to set a challenge.

the worst part of it all is that people in this world are so angry, so jealous and sometimes over dramatic that they expect you to be something special.
everyone is beautiful, EVERYONE. it makes me so upset to see everyone body shaming, hurting, criticizing, discriminating and just all around being so negative.

WE ARE IN 2018!!! come on LOVE is what we should be seeing. we should be HELPING, we should be ENCOURAGING and we just need to be who we are. I want YOU who is reading this to tell the world how incredible, beautiful, smart you are and always be happy with who YOU ARE.

I hate how hate is actually a thing. Like we are growing up thinking its okay to bully, to hurt, to cut, to kill, to be depressed. NO! we should not be encouraging this we really shouldn't. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING THAT SOMEONE HAS DIED, THAT SOMEONE HAS COMMITTED SUICIDE. and the truth be told, I know you could be at a certain age of not understanding this, but please go to anyone and say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

I would love so so much if everyone decided that times up lets really HELP now. please share this. LETS SAVE LIVES, LETS BE HAPPY. LETS BE POSITIVE!!!