HI Everyone!!Soooo today i'm gonna write 30 fun facts about me!! Here we go!!

1) My favorite Color is Blue/Green
2) I have 3 siblings
3) Im a Teen
4) My Birthday is in May
5) I LOVE To play Soccer
6) Singing is my Passion
7) Now obsessed with Anime (thx to my besties:)):):)
8) Blonde Hair
9) I actually got a history award back in 5th grade!! its a plaque
10) I have 3 cats. Oscar & Ollie who are less than a year. And Dobbin, who is 8. (i posted a pic of oscar, if you want to check it out:) But here it is anyway....<img src="https://data.whicdn.com/images/307165786/superthumb.jpg" alt="Superthumb"/>
11) A'B Honor Roll for my entire life
12) My hobbies are: Hiking, Eating, Sleeping, Face timing my friends, Running w/ my bro's, singing, decorating, being WHI!!
13) Im Polish, and German. (But I only speak English!)
14) I love to read!
15) Favorite Movies? La La Land, The Greatest Showman, Legally Blonde, Sister Act, Miss Congeniality. Etc.
16) In elementary School i was a tad bit shy(not around my friends though) and i did nothing wrong, but now in Middle School, i am not shy, and i Am crazy!!
17) My Dad works at a car dealership!!
18) My mom, is a stay 'a' home mom
19) I've got Brown Eyes!!!
21) Im still shy around adults.
22) If i want something, i don't go up and ask for it, i weasel them into asking if i want it....hehehe
23) Chips are my calling in life
24) I'm Catholic
25) Intend to (hopefully) go to College.
26) Lucky Number?? Hahahaha!! I actually took a test for this, and it said my lucky number was Pi!! So i guess... 3.145 etc. So my lucky number is infinite!!
27) I'm in the Middle of Introvert/ Extrovert
28) Biggest fear: Being tortured...
29) Favorite snack: Frozen Raspberries & Potato chips
30) My dream pet is a LABRADOODLE!!!!

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