Okay so I wanted to try doing a 30 day challenge and I'm 101% sure imma fail and miss a day but it's still fun.


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Okay so my best source of happiness really is my friends. They make my life 100% better and funnier. Whenever we hang out even if it's in school we laugh the whole time. We have so many inside jokes people wouldn't be able to understand. All my friends if they're from school, soccer or childhood friends know me in and out and I tell them everything. They are family.


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My family is literally the weirdest thing ever. Okay so I have one little sister and then mom and dad. And we all are like best friends. My sister and I fight like every day for a few minutes and then we make up but my parents and I never fight. Like they sometimes gets annoyed with me cuz of course, they are my parents but like that's pretty uncommon. Every day we laugh and the inside jokes in my family really is creepy how many we have. We can like have other family friends over at our house and then still laugh at our inside jokes at the table. We always like lay in one corner of our couch like in a pile. We have traditions every month like a day with all around the world food so we like buy food for 20 people from all over the world. I love them.


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I love traveling by car, whether it's 10 minutes or 10 hours. I love just listening to music and looking out of the window. My dream vacation would definitely be a road trip through Europe, like start at home in Sweden and then go through like Germany, Belgium, France and then up again and trough Austria down to Croatia and on the way home trough Lithuania and Finland.


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Okay so I have like a million role models and crushes and people I adore and they change a lot. I have a few celebrities and a few from like real life. Ellen and Portia are two, Jaimie Alexander, Lauren Graham (and Lorelai Gilmore) and of course Taylor Swift. And then I have like a few from real life and they are all girls as well heh. I think they all just have this mother like aura and pretty smile which I fall in love with in like 2 seconds.


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I love wearing colors too!! I just didn't find pictures that matched. My style is everything but like cool- I wear like suits and like never a regular t-shirt. I don't wear a lot of black actually but I do think black clothes are really great. I mostly wear white and like marine blue and a lot of hats, diadems and like berets.

6, LOVE.

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Love love love. Okay so I'm in love with love. I'm not actually in love w someone but I just love love. I do fall in love with people everyday but ya know never like really. I've watched all the romantic movies I've been able to find and I have so many otps. I just love love.

7, School.

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Okay so I'm sure you think i'm crazy but I love school. And I love learning. Sure I hate getting stressed and stupid math test and all but generally I love school. Like I go to school everyday pretty excited cuz I get to hang out with my friends and talk to teachers (I love teachers). I do hate math test thought euw.

8, ART.

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I'm in love with Van Gogh. All his paintings, his story and life, I love it all. I also love painting and drawing myself and do it at least a couple of times a week. I love going to museums and sadly i'm the only one in my family and of all my friends so I don't go so often but ones a month or so I try to get away.


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I run everyday, literally even if I have soccer practice I run before that or after. Because I enjoy it. I like sweating and being exhausted afterwards. But my favorite time of the week is definitely every soccer practice. I love it.


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I bet everyone like tv shows, music and movies. When it comes to music it's been like a huge part of my life since I was born. I sadly don't play any instrument and I DEFINITELY don't sing (or I sing all the time but it sounds awful)but my family and I listen to music ALL the time. From morning till night. I listen to like calm pop, some rock, like 80s music and like half country half pop. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, Passenger, Coldplay, Sabina Ddumba (Swedish artist), John Meyer, Jose Gonzalez and like Melanie Fiona. Tv shows are just like what everyone else watches like Gilmore girls, Gossip girl, White collar, Stranger things, Blindspot, friends, river dale, pretty little liars, modern family and scandal. Movies, I hate horror movies but I'm forced to watch them with my friends anyway. I on the other hand love romantic movies and romantic movies only. Pretty woman, when harry met Sally, the notebook, runaway bride, notting hill, my best friends wedding, serendipity. Poetry is my favorite thing in the world. I love it. I love reading it. Love discussing it, love writing it.

Things I love as well:
Skiing, Sleeping, daydreaming, eating, staying up till late with my family and my cousin and his girlfriend and the sea.

Thank you for reading Xx.