yoongi is a very kind, starry-eyed, fragile, and sincere person. he's like this to jimin too, he's kind and he proves and expresses his love to jimin. sometimes he says 'i hate you' or 'park jimin is stupid' or something like that but come on, we all have enough capacities to understand what "love language" means, right?

yoongi cooks for jimin. yoongi and jimin often talk about their music and their life. they get drunk together. sometimes they visit each other's homes and spend time together. they get on well, even the 'rice cake' thing was actually made by yoongi. they take care of each other. jimin can make yoongi burst into laughters just in a second and vice versa. their admiration for each other is very clear.

they're family. they're friends. they spent so many days together and they will spend so many as well.

please don't spread hate on them or any other ship. before everything else, they're family and that means they're indestructible.

i love to see them smile and have fun together and rest on each other when they need it. i love seeing them make music that they enjoy together. i hope they will be together & happy for so many years as they do now. i hope the seven of them will be happy forever, together.

(edited this text because i didn't like the wording of it.)