it always happens to me: some shippers come and ask why do i/we ship yoonmin and here is the answer.

firstly, it's clear that they don't really appear much in front of the cameras. i've been really sad about it for like 3 years and it's tiring, everyone. sometimes i try to understand why don't they show their relationship (not only the meaning of bfs, also bromance and friendship) and it's really hard to understand someone who's not very clear and unspoken about feelings and the love.

some may think yoongi is a cold hearted, 24 (for korean age: 25) boy but he's actually very kind, starry-eyed, fragile and sincere. he's like this to jimin too, he's kind and he proves and expresses his love to jimin. sometimes he says 'i hate you' or 'park jimin is stupid' or something like that but come on, we all have enough capacities to get the inner jokes, right?

yoongi cooks for jimin. yoongi and jimin often talk about their music and their life. they communicate and unburden themselves and get drunk together. sometimes they visit each other's homes and waste time together. they get on well, even the 'rice cake' thing was actually made by yoongi. he takes care of jimin and jimin can make yoongi burst into laughters just in a second.

i really mean it, yoongi and jimin get on well.

yes, they don't share selfies together that much or talk about their friendship or call each other their bestfriends or something like that but that doesn't mean they're not close ot they hate each other.

ladies&gentlemen, please wake up. they're family. they're friends. they spent so many days together and they will spend so many as well.

so, how can they hate each other?

please don't spread hate on them or any other ship. before everything else, they're family and that means they're indestructible. no shipwar can beat them up.

i love to see they smile and have fun together; and also cry together too. please don't hurt someone's feelings, they have feelings like you have yours.

i hope they will be together&happy for so many years as now.

who do i deceive? i hope they'll be happy forever, together.

as friends or something else ㅡthat doesn't matter at all.

i don't really like to say '... is real, ... is not real' and this is the point; we don't know their personal lifes too deeply. so it's not right to say '... is real'. please understand them. they need some rest. they're friends. they love each other and i know just like the other bts members, yoongi/jimin would give their everything to make each other happy&peaceful.

like all real friends do.

[sorry for my bad english, i'm not native.]