1. Stranger Things
Of course... Stranger Things!! From Dungeons and Dragons to Sweet old 1980 arcades. You get to take a trip to the 80s and experience on of the greatest eras of all time and you get to experience the upside down all in one! What more could you ask for.

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2. American Horror Story
As this series is very eccentric you never experience the same story twice and that keeps everything exciting! But are you prepared for the horror and the shock factor that American Horror Story has to offer? Well you'll never know until you try right?

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3. Bates Motel
Ok so this is one of my favorite series that I've watched this year. It is very eerie yet intriguing. You get to know the real Norman Bates. Is he as dangerous as everyone makes him out to be?...Well watch and see...

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4.Game Of Thrones(Not on Netflix but on HBO)
I know that Game Of Thrones isn't on Netflix but.... It is hands down my favorite show in the history of TV shows and I couldn't leave it out. From the sword fights to dragons to the White Walkers beyond the wall...I guarantee you'll be on edge the whole time you watch and you WILL fall in love.

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5. Riverdale
Mystery's in Riverdale are the best and are hard ones to solve. Watch and you'll be sucked into this series quickly.

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6. The Thirteen Reasons Why
This one is for sure a hard one to watch but it shines a light on bullying and sexual assault situations and defiantly pulls your heart strings the whole entire ride as Clay Walker listens to the tapes that Hannah left behind.

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7. How To Get Away With Murder
I love the suspense throughout this whole series, It is defiantly easy to get hooked on this show and every court case it takes you through...you'll then realize you've been accidentally binge watching for 24 hours straight. Oops.

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8. Lost
Yet it is a bit of an older series it is one that will blow your mind completely and actually takes a lot of piecing things together.

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9. The End Of The F**king World
This one starting off I didn't like very much but after the first few episodes it grew on me and I really was baffled by the ending

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10. The Fosters
Last but not least! The Fosters is a series with the ability to make you laugh, cry and be completely shocked all in one episode. It is an emotional roller coaster but I love the family element of this series.

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