Jupiter represents expansion, power, benevolence, largesse of view and generosity. It corresponds to the functions of synthesis, enthusiasm and optimism. Its element is Air, it is hot and humid. It masters Sagittarius and Pisces and is exalted in Cancer.
It is in analogy with the hips and the endocrine system. Its average demotion duration is approximately 121 days per year.
It represents the rulers, the magistrates, the great teachers, the religious too. The age of Jupiter ranges from 50 or 55 years old to 70 years old.

Jupiter is an outer planet. Therefore, many people born at the same time possess Jupiter in the same sign. So, it is for its presence as a sign of a minor meaning, less personal than the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars), so read carefully.

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Your go-getter and your personal affirmation are amplified. You have qualities of leader, you are optimistic and you can mix in you this daring and this taste for success. You have the sense of command, leadership, independence: your enthusiasm is a real asset for your life but also for your charm!

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Your practical senses and ingenuity to increase your material life are amplified. You can flourish in the long term, you are often a good-living who appreciates the good things in life and who will certainly manage and develop his/her heritage with luck and largesse. Your taste is good and your loyalty is real.

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Your mental creativity, your imagination and your ability to adapt are amplified. The results will not necessarily be visible from the outside, but this configuration develops your sense of contact. Your frivolity and dispersion meet the spirit of synthesis and order, this can only bring you better assets for communication and intellectual occupations in a general way.

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Your emotions, your imagination and your optimism are amplified. You are more apt to play a role of family head or at least naturally interested in the questions related to your home, your origins, your real estate heritage or that of your family.

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Your taste for luxury, arts, parties and shows is magnified. Your nature adapts wonderfully to leisure, and if possible in a noble and proud, almost theatrical way. You feel comfortable in all the distractions, you like children, laughter, pomp. Often, your artistic creativity is admirable.

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You are more gifted for work, practical activities in which your skill is usually well above average. You have a sense of service, you are often accepted and loved in the middle of your work because you are a true perfectionist. Tradition indicates that you may be interested in issues related to health and physical well-being.

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You are more sociable, popular, charming! You know how to please because your largesse of mind and heart naturally pushes you to compromise in all things: what counts is not to be right, but that others and you get along with each other. You are naturally diplomatic and have a sense of justice, in a humanistic and benevolent way.

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Your emotional universe, your instinctive capacity to feel more strongly, in duration and in depth are reinforced. Your sensuality and your sexuality are favored by this setup, and you can enjoy some luck in the financial field, speculation, investments or legacies. This position makes you anyway more sensitive than others to identify the mysteries, to rub you to the unknown.

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Your enthusiasm, sense of humor, boldness, warmth, optimism, sense of command and spirit of synthesis are amplified, as well as your taste for travel or symbolically your dispositions for the highest knowledge or disciplines such as spirituality, philosophy, politics or religion.

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Your drive to work, your taste for success, in a thoughtful way and deliberately oriented towards the long term are amplified. Your seriousness and your sense of organization are assets that will develop more and more throughout your life. You are favored socially and it is usually in the second half of your life that you can fully enjoy its benefits.

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Your mental activity and your talents are stimulated for collective or humanitarian projects in which you can affirm your originality in an easy way, and can at the same time create in you an attraction for novelty and originality in general: sciences, high technologies but also esotericism, astrology, occult areas. Your friendly life can also be fostered.

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Your natural generosity and sense of dedication are magnified. Your empathy is generally strong and you feel inclined to bring your strength and enthusiasm to the most disadvantaged, to help others without limitation. Your imagination is powerful and your feelings can ignite easily: sensitivity on the watch, affectivity not restrained, you are part of those who intuitively detect in others the suffering or just the most beautiful qualities of heart.

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To be continued: Saturn Signs Signification

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