Hello, hearters!

As a somewhat new hearter, I have been struggling to find inspiration for an article.Then it hit me - why not create a challenge? This challenge will be a fun one: I am creating a bucket list in this article. Your job is to do what is on the list, tell the story of what happened, and then create a new list for you followers to do. It will be really fun and not too dangerous so play along and drop a like if you're going to do the challenge!

luxury, night, and city image

1. drink a glass of champagne

flowers, city, and tulips image

2. pick a wildflower bouquet

city, red, and winter image

3. blow some of your money at the mall

coffee image

4. bake macaroons

hair, blue, and beauty image

5. dye your hair

book, aesthetic, and rainbow image

6. write a poem

fashion, girl, and outfit image

7. hold hands with a girl named avery

Image by Ine Christin

8.put rose petals in your bubble bath

madison beer and makeup image

9. make your face your canvas

food, pink, and hearts image

10. create a food fight

I challenge my followers to do this bucket list, tag this to #DoItAllChallenge, tell me their stories, and create a new bucket list for you followers. Have fun, stay safe, and drop a like for more content! Byeee.