Hey guys! As every week I have some wonderful songs for you!
I’ve also made a playlist where you can find all the „Weekly Songs“.(LINK BELOW)

Jungle by Jon Bellion
A great song with a good message and a cute storyline!The sound is unique, I love it!
„New York City, it’s a jungle out there“

5 Years Time by Noah And The Whale
Just a Happy-Hit!

To All of You by Syd Matters

Perfect for your Sunday morning coffee

Blindside - Sean Glass Remix by Hunter Hunted, Sean Glass

A song for your party-playlist! Especially for a house party.

Alaska by Mogli

I LOVE this song! Mogli is a singer-songwriter from Germany.
Mogli and her boyfriend Felix are producers of the film „Expedition Happiness“
You can watch the movie on iTunes ($12.99) in English or on YouTube (2,49€) in German
All their Vlogs on YouTube are free and in English
The atmosphere and the landscape are worth it watching the movie! (or at least the Vlogs)

🦎 Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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