¡Hola! Amigas. Okay, I'm just making this awkward, I wanted to do this differently as I've always done a hey guys. so today's article is going to be on self-doubt. everyone has bad days and days where they can't even trust themselves. I have self-doubt pretty much 24/7 so I know how it feels to have a negative voice every second of my life that makes me feel self-conscious. I'm trying to make myself feel more confident and happier in life without self-doubt.


find the reason for your self-doubt. is it because of your appearance, your intelligence, your social life etcetera. if it's your appearance, PLEASE DON'T TRY AND CHANGE YOURSELF. I know I've tried but it won't work because it's not the real you, if someone doesn't like you for you then they shouldn't be relevant in your life.Everyone is beautiful in different ways, don't let yourself down because of it. find your beauty in something that you think is your best feature.

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Find ways to improve and improve it, get rid of the negative attitude as you have figured out the reason. This could be the reason you are doubting yourself and it could metaphorically free you from being caged.

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Self-doubt can take over your body and all you would want to do is run, it's understandable but one thing you need to know is that you can't destroy your enemy without standing there and being the one to end it. You can't run, life will just be on pause until you decide to face it again, so just remember that there is more to life than the sticky situation you are in now.

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Don't be negative, just have faith that whatever your feeling right now is temporary and you have the power to change your life and your feelings.

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In life you are the only thing that matters, taking care of yourself physically and mentally will make you a stronger person with a positive mindset. The one thing that has kept me going is the belief that I am my own hero, my own saviour because, at the end of the day I have to save myself from myself, no prince charming can help me when they don't know what's going inside of me. The number of times I wish I was the damsel in distress and the knight in shining armour would come to save me, but that is a figment of my imagination. I knew it subconsciously but my heart couldn't accept that.

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I've sad this a million times, I'm exaggerating, drama is bad. Literally, there isn't more to that, in the end, if you get caught up in the drama you are wasting your time. You're thinking what the fudge does that have to do with self-doubt and frankly, I don't know. Just think, being caught up in someones else's petty drama would affect you negatively as your mindset changes and you start to see things negatively.

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That's it for my article, I hope you enjoyed and have more confidence in yourself and stop the self-doubt. I just realised that the photos is all black and white themed. Oops. Feel free to message me about any requests, help or just feel like you want to talk.

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