Baby it's could out there and I can't help myself missing our trip to Positano and Capri last summer. So, that's why I'd like to share moments from our perfect trip. There's also few tips if you're planning a vacation to these stunning views!


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We did our decision to travel to Positano and Capri quite late, so nearly all of the hotels were fully booked. We had an Airbnb apartment located in Montepertuso. Although I wasn't too comfortable with our decision to book the b&b quite faraway from the beach, turned out that it was just a great place to stay in! Our host was super nice and we ate breakfast every morning in the balcony were we could see right to the ocean. If you're planning a trip to Positano, I'd recommend to book an apartment from Montepertuso. Only minus is that you got to clim up quite a bit of the stairs, but there is also a great opportunity to hop on to bus.

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So, what we learned about Positano:

- There is an endless amount of stairs - for real they will never end

- It's a little tricky to get into, but still highly worth it

- Our trip was on August and boy, those summer days were HOT

- Mind your step at the beach, the stones will burn your feet easily

- Explore the Montepertuso area, felt in love with the view to the church and ocean

- Prepare to travel there again, there's no way you can't fell in love with this place...


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After the well spent days at Positano we headed towards the Capri for couple of days. Our hotel located in Anacapri - also up in the mountains... The bus drive to Anacapri was probably one of the most memorable things in our journey with tight serpentine roads. Woah, can't respect the drivers enough for doing their thing in those miserable roads with more miserable tourists!

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So, what we learned about Capri:

- Also a lot of stairs... but totally worth it if you'd like to have a nice spot to some insta shots

- Chairlift to the Monte Solaro might be one of the thing for your to do- list in Capri

- If you are backpacker like we, there is a park for your luggages at Capri centrum, no need to carry your bags all around - fun fact, we did this mistake and it wasn't fun since it was +33 degrees and our backpack weighed about 30 pounds...

- Crowded buses and beaches - yup, this island is well known and you can tell it when you get over there

- Still, prepare yourself that you won't lose your heart to this island of beauty

xxx Johanna

(sorry my bad language skills, still learning to write in English!)

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