When I was 5th grade (I was 10 years old back then and now I'm 16) I went into puberty and my whole body started to change. At first, this change was hard at beginning. I didn't fully understand it and I was very unhappy with my body and the way it looked. And to keep things worse, my face was covered with acne. Because of that I didn't have confidence and I didn't feel nice in my own skin.One day while I was dancing in the house, I decided to start a course of the Latino American dances - a new course in the city. Not long after that I was trying to find clothes that I wanted to wear for my first dance class and I remember seeing myself in the mirror, I was not even a bit satisfied, I didn't like my face so much that I felt like a big ugly duck. Then I thought in myself: "I look ugly, I'm ugly. I don't want to go on a dance and I don't want that my partner has to dance with a ugly duck, so I dropped out of the dance. And here I am 6 years later, I'm still struggling with acne that occasionally appear on my face and the scars that have remained as a result of acne. I'm still sometimes insecure in my body, but now I'm going to the gym, I run and I do yoga. In 8th grade I realized that I'm not perfect and I'll never be. I actually fell in love with my body, I accept my faults and imperfections because they are still part of me.And now in the second year of high school I have understood that the other people's opinion is not important.only that matters is what you think about yourself. I can proudly say that I feel beautiful. So my dear readers I want to tell you that you are BEAUTIFUL, SMART, STRONG AND GOOD ENOUGH. Never allow other people's opinion to stop you from doing things you love and my dear please stop being so cruel to yourself,you deserve much more.
This world can offer you the beautiful things you couldn't even imagine, just like you can offer to it and maybe it's time for you to start believing in that.