just some places i really want to visit.


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my number 1. i've always been in love with london AND british people. my sister lived there for a couple months and every time she talks about it my love for this city just gets bigger. and maybe this year this huge dream of mine will come true <<333


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this is reaaaallly close to london. i'm so in love with california. i'm turning 15 this year, and 15 is kinda of a big deal where i live, we usually do this big ass party but instead HOPEFULLY i'll go to this amazing place.

iceland or norway

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this places are very different but i want to see the same thing in both of them. the nothern lights. everyone that knows me know that I LOVE the sky. i would probably cry seeing such a beatiful thing like this with my own eyes.


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i just think that is such a cute place with a good vibe. so beautiful with so many history.


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do i even have to explain? im not really a sea person but it looks soooooooo relaxing!

new york

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who doesn't want to go to ny? amazing.

there's a looooot of places that i didn't put on this that I want to visit, but those are the main ones. hopefully i'll be able to go to all of them! hard but not impossible lol that's what dreams are for.