Scrub is the best product for dry skin. It makes your skin smooth and clean. And it's easy to make yourself.

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DIY Scrub No. 1

  • Honey
  • suger

DIY Scrub No. 2

  • Coffee
  • Oil or honey

Face mask

The best face masks you can use is with natural product like lush. But you can also make them by yourself.

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DIY Mask No. 1

  • Honey
  • Rose water
  • Banana

DIY Mask No. 2

  • Just avocado

DIY Mask No. 3

  • oatmeal
  • Yogurt


If you have a dry skin oil is better for your skin than a cream and it also makes your skin very glowy.

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Drink water

Water is really importent for your skin. It not only helps for a dry skin but also for acne. And if you forget drinking water you can download an app on your phone that reminds you to drink water.

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I hope you find this tips useful. If you have a Question you can always send me a message.
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