Some say that the only monsters that exist are the ones who lived under your bed as a child and haunted your sleep. But now I know that there are much larger, much darker monsters hiding in plain sight. See, I used to think that everyone was good and that everyone wanted the best for each you, but one day we all learn that that is not the truth. There is evil in the world, more than we realise. Take a look at all the people in your life. How many of them have hurt you? More than once? How many of them have caused you unnecessary pain? Pain that you didn’t need to have. Who has endured damage onto you more than someone should.
I had this friend, and we were the best of friends. Always facetiming and texting and talking. Always together and never apart. But then something happened, a something that caused a lot of light to be put onto them and it made me see who they really are. Behind all of their smiles there was spite. Behind all of their promises lay lies. And I’m done with it.

I’ve learnt that I can’t trust everyone, and I shouldn’t. People have walls for a reason. For protection from all the evil. We’re warriors and we are so fucking strong. But we are in fragile beings with fragile hearts. Treat yourself well. We will survive and we will thrive but our soft hearts can only take so much. Don’t make them hurt if they don’t have to.