Write about someone who inspires you

The person that I think about is Jerome Jarre, he inspires me so much. He always wanted to help people and since he realise that he can take advantage of his "celebrity" to do something for helping people. He did some projects like when he put lights in some place where they didn't have it, he later, make a project to get food and water for people in
Somalia who were suffering famine. He first get this in an other country and he realised it was better to get it in Somalia because it help the local people. Not a long ago, he, with some others french celebrities decided to help the people who were refugies.

This guy inspires me so much because he always try to help people in the better way possible, he didn't decide what he gonna give them. They ask what they need, and that's what they gonna give them, because it's what's gonna be the most useless. And he did not just do this and let other people do all the work, he go there, he travel all the way to get to every people and he help them. He even play with kids, he once get in a school and teach the kids a few words and they all had fun, it's so heartwarming.

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I have an other person that inspires me but for an other reason. That's Ed Sheeran. He said that himself, that he is not the kind of guy that every girl would love (I find him very cute tho) so that he had to work a litte bit harder to get "famous". So, he tried to make the best song that he could, he knew that he could take advantage of his look so he make everything possible just by his music.

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