i'm trina.

and we all struggle with stress, depression, broken hearts and suicidal thoughts every day, i know.

but if you are here, no matter how you've found this article or if it wasn't your decision at all, i want to tell you that regardless of what life has prepared for you, you have a purpose. there's a reason for you to be alive. only because you haven't found it out yet, it doesn't mean that there's no point in your existence. just wait. your story is being written. do not rush. focus on happiness. even if it doesn't appear in your life yet, imagine it. thinking of what makes you happy actually makes you happy. and one single smile can mean and change so much.

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1 in 4 teenagers here in my country really think of suicide just because of going throughb hard times in high school. sounds so sad, right?
children wasting their lifes because of other children.

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they don't remember that school is not all. it's not constant and nothing really is. the world has so much more to offer than sadness and emptiness.

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do not limit yourself.
we all make mistakes. and there's not someone who hasn't been put in an awkward situation in front of their friends. so if this is a reason for you to set the end of your life or something similar to this, know that it's your own life so nobody can stop you, but once you do it, there's no turning back. and you will realise how much you have wasted and missed while you have wanted to cut your veins and put the end.

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why do i try to stop you though? you could say "there's no sense at doing it, i have the right to live or cancel living my life at any time, a few inspirational words won't change the way i see the world."
correct. i'm so stupid to make you realise how beautiful life can be if you ignore all that makes it ugly and remove it from your eyes, if you forget about the people who have done shit to you, the friends who have left you and the ones that have broken your heart.

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imagine a garden full of roses. they are so red that their color resembles the love and the special connection with other people.

and then, at the right corner of that secret and beautiful garden, you notice a little sunflower, on it's way to grow and be a majestic flower, mysterious and loved by the sun.

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it's so different from the roses. not as beautiful, not as eye-catching... you could say, not as special as them too, right? we all would ignore it. we all would just don't give a damn f*ck about its secret signals. we all would notice that it needs help, but we all would just walk away, not watering it, giving all the water to the roses and not giving the little flower
any hope of living a better life.

so underestimated.

but they don't like him neither. the roses even want to set his end quickly because they notice that... there's something more about it that nobody notices. so the little sunflower, unwanted by the society,
sets its end.

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one wasted life. but the little flower was too weak to not succumb on the others opinions, to live on its own and to appreciate itself. it wasn't a cactus that can live without the people's water. it was cursed.

or it only thought so?

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you don't have to be that sunflower. its story has a sad ending but don't let yours have one too. you can change it all.
become a cactus.

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all you have and
all that you will never lose


be strong.
believe in yourself.
believe in self-love.
aprreciate life.

the freaking day
to start
loving yourself
just the way

world can be great. life can be a gift.