I won´t write a bible here so let´s just get to some of my favorite songs!

  • Beautiful - Bazzi
yellow and sun image amarillo, nature, and love image beautiful, flowers, and photo image colors, word, and words image
  • Should I Stay or Should I go - The Clash
music, aesthetic, and theme image album, clash, and combat rock image music and <3 image music, grunge, and quotes image
  • Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners
favorite, song, and come on eileen image clever, young, and come on eileen image summer, vintage, and aesthetic image aesthetic, 70s, and vintage image
I know the song was released 1982, but I thought the picture (the one where it says ´summer of 72´) fitted in.
  • Heroes - David Bowie
hero, quotes, and grunge image blue, dark, and water image blue, grunge, and sky image blue, dark, and edited image
  • Don´t go breaking my heart - Elton John, Kiki Dee
color, elton john, and music image car, vintage, and aesthetic image quotes, aesthetic, and inspiration image flowers, vintage, and 50s image
  • The night we met - Lord Huron
song, lord huron, and stereo image 1980, green, and nature image grunge, couple, and fog image broken, nostalgia, and sadness image
  • Pineapple Skies - Miguel
flowers, yellow, and sky image sky, clouds, and aesthetic image sky and love image beach, sea, and photography image
The title of this song is actually my username :)
  • Bust a move - Young MC
vans, yellow, and shoes image yellow, red, and aesthetic image vintage, style, and 90s image 90s, blue, and recorder image
  • Hey Angel - One Direction
angel, sky, and clouds image purple, wings, and bird image bts image flowers, pink, and header image
  • Infinity - One Direction
purple, aesthetic, and grunge image sky, pink, and grunge image purple, aesthetic, and grunge image quotes, sad, and heart image
  • If I Could Fly - One Direction
quotes, one direction, and heart image Image by moonlightbae faith, angel, and Angel Wings image no control, quotes, and grunge image
I know the last picture has the wrong lyrics but whatever.

And that´s a wrap!

Hah just kidding.

So these are some of my favorite songs and also the ones I love the most. I know that the last three are all One Directions songs but I love these songs so much! And also, I was a hardcore 1D fan when I was younger, no shame :)