Hi Beauties!

Today I'm about to write something exciting! Or let's say, I'm writing something exciting for the whole week!
As a proud DisNerd and a die-hard Disney fangirl I wanted to write Disney related articles for this whole week.
I'm gonna write an article or two every sigle day and it's called the #DisNerdStoryWeek, you'll read lots of fun and magical articles that are Disney related through a DisNerd's perspective.

Today I'm gonna collect different pictures for each princess' aesthetic.
This is actually a 'tag yourself' because I'm gonna add your birthday month. Let's do this and I'll whistle while I work ;).




mouse, teacup, and cute image cinderella, blue, and princess image blue, pumpkin, and autumn image dress, blue, and princess image clock, aesthetic, and gold image aesthetic, food, and alternative image


book, books, and cinderella image book, library, and architecture image mirror, vintage, and gold image rose, flowers, and red image Houses, germany, and travel image hair, gold, and hairstyle image


dress, the little mermaid, and fairytale image fantasy and mermaid image dog, aesthetic, and max image shell, summer, and beach image fork image bird, sea, and white image


hair, merida, and aesthetic image brave image aesthetic, brave, and merida image aesthetic, brave, and merida image nature, castle, and landscape image Abusive image
➳ May


Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed


aesthetic, rose, and soft pink image hair, blonde, and aesthetic image dragon, sky, and fantasy image pink, bed, and shabby chic image forest, tree, and nature image fashion, girly, and lovely image
➳ July


aladdin, genie, and jasmine image green image tiger and animal image alternative, beauty, and brown eyes image bird, freedom, and cage image flowers image


Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed
➳ September


dreamcatcher, handmade, and necklace image mountains, nature, and alone image make up image feet, water, and photography image animal and raccoon image arrow, forest, and black and white image
➳ October


adventure, alternative, and beautiful image Temporarily removed money, theme, and aesthetic image gold, makeup, and eyeliner image food, dessert, and sweet image nature, tree, and green image


Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed


girl, photography, and beauty image aesthetic, lights, and old image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black image beauty, bow, and hair image Image removed mirror, aesthetic, and gold image


Thank you so much for reading (and hearting) this article!
I love sharing my Disney addiction with you and I hope we'll meet again in my next Disney article of this serie.

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and remember: stay true, stay beautiful, stay you.

Lots of Love,
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february 13, 2018
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