You are the shadow at the periphery –
Wherever I go, you follow me like a hopeful lover,
I rejected you for some time, but you never once gave up –
In the end, I gave in, but I didn't realise.

An angel caught my attention then –
For three years he was on my mind,
For three years I was a hopeless romantic –
But then, I gave up.

A period of bitterness and anxiety followed –
I was restless and my thoughts out of control,
I sank deeper and deeper into this endless ocean –
Till I realised that this isn't the end.

I was indeed fortunate
That another angel decided to enter my life –
He was funny, smart, gentle, and harsh,
But, never did he once give up.

It was at this point –
As I fell into the ocean of his charms,
That I began to wonder -
Do I even deserve this man?

You're the shadow that's stopping me –
A barrier that separates me from my happiness.