1. I'm a cancer
2. My idol is Ariana grande
3. I'm British
4. I love dark colors
5. My favorite book is everyday (if you wanna know more about it read my favorite books article)
6. I have a strange love for the moon and the Eiffel tower
7. Summer is my favorite season as i was born in July
8. I'm obsessed with wearing crop tops with jackets
9. My favorite show is Riverdale and my fave character is Ronnie
10. I support equality
11. I suffer from anxiety
12. My favorite subject is art
13. I ship jelena so fucking much
14. I don't have a specific favorite youtuber but i enjoy Dan Howell , Shane Dawson and niki and gabi
15. I have a new favorite song everyday but right now it is bad vibe by M.O (checkout my article my playlist for more songs)