best movie- clules
current time- 6:05PM
drink I had last- tea
everyday starts with- alarm
favorite song- Ella Mai- breakfast in bed
grossest memory- I dont remeber one lol
I'm in love with- my ex
jealous-people who travel all over the world
killed someone- no ofc not
last time I cried- yesterday lol
middle name- fay
number of sibilings- 3
one wish- travel
person you last called/texted- my best friend
questions you're always asked-"How many minutes, until class ends?"
reasons to smile-an A from Math
song you last sang- HALLO-adel
time you woke up- 7:30AM
vacation places- BALI
worst habit-bitting my nails
x-rays you've had- loads
you're favourite food-pizza
zoadic sign- leo