I want to share with you all something that it's always in my mind.
Okay first, I'm a follower of God, i'm Christian.

People think that when you follow God you can't do anything, you can't go to party, you have to wait till marriage for sex, you can't wear make up or skirts, even dresses.NO, tha'ts nor true.

And the most incredible thing it's that other people think that followers of God do not sins or mistakes, they think that we are like a Saint or something.

So let me explain. I can go to party but going to party don't mean get drunk and wake up totally destroyed the next morning.

I can have sex but your virginity should be delivered to the person that you are sure that you are going to stay with all your life.

I can use make up for all the situations.

I can wear dress and skirts all the time, even for the church.

I can, i can do all the things that other people can.

I do mistakes, i do sins, i am a SINNER, like you, like me, like all of us.

God always have been help me, still doing it and i know it'll will be forever.

Because God points to the center of the heart. God knows everything.

Thank you, Lord; 'cause you're my all in all.