There we where… Sitting side by side in the beach looking at the ocean and the stars. The only light was the last living fire of the forgotten bun fire that still gave us warmth.

So many things had happen between you and me, so many unspoken words between all the silent stares and indirect smiles. Yet I knew my place and you knew yours. Or I thought I knew, cause it all changed when you told me the unimagible.

No longer you had a girlfriend, actually it had been several weeks since it had happened but you decided to keep it away from me. We were friends and talked about tons of things, but this you didn’t. Even when I asked you if you were all right, you choose keeping it from me.

Why? Were you scared or excited or how I would react. Definitely you didn’t wanted for me to learn all the truth from your sister but still it had to come out in any moment.

It’s fine… I just thought you trusted me more. – I told you looking at the sky.

I do. It’s just, I didn’t knew how to tell you. – you respondend while looking at the dying fire.

We can be direct in so many topics but not in this stuff, huh? – I felt your gaze on me but ignored it.

I guess. We are pretty pathetic. – your voice low.

And I was feeling guilty for so long. – I said while letting out a loud sigh.

Guilty for what? – I felt you were playing the idiot, we always did. We enjoyed making each other say the full truth.

For wishing for what I wanted so badly. – I said turning my gaze to yours. Your eyes where being lighted up by the dim fire.

… I… – you tried talking but I cut you of.

No need to tell me anything. I don’t need it. – I said, feeling more relaxed than before.

I told you many things too. – you didn’t wanted me with all the fault, we both knew it was both of us who had committed actions.

Yeah… –my heart was betting hard. I could feel the cold salty wind in my back. A blanket in my legs being all my protection from the cold atmosphere– but you know what? I am lying. I didn’t felt guilty for that. If I will fill guilty for something- I removed the blanket from my legs and started to move towards you– it’s going to be for this. – was the last thing that I said before smashing my lips into yours.

You didn’t moved at all and I was a little scared yet so full of adrenaline. I slowly backtracked and separated myself from you. I could see the shock on your eyes and a new emotion I couldn’t read completely. Everything was so fast and when I return to my mind, you had grabbed me and pulled me down onto the sand, blocking me with your strong arms and calm stare. I could feel you breath so closely to me cheek… I felt like all my body warming up. Until what I was waiting came once more. It was your turn to press your lips onto mine, and kiss me this time.

I didn’t let the moment go to waste and fully responded to the kiss. Grabbing your face and hair with my hands… it was a hard kiss. One that felt like punishment. Punishment for my act of courage and also for you keeping the secret. We both had hearts to lose and break, but still risked it all.

The kiss ended with our breaths more agitated now. A kiss that was long from desired by both of us. I let out a giggle and you smiled, placed one kiss in my forehead and got up. You gave me a hand and we started to walk, back to we’re everyone was waiting. Smiling we would talk later, but still I think we already knew what will come sooner or later.

Our love would finally had a chance to flowered in the sun, no longer hiding in the shadows.