this is my february 2018 playlist y'all
i put these playlists on spotify every month so follow me if you wanna lol ;)

1. Roses by Manwolves
my friend showed me this song and omg it literally makes me wanna dance

2. Please Notice by Christian Akridge
dis song omg :') gives u the feels

3. Trip Switch by Nothing But Thieves
idk i really like this guys voice its so cool and this song is just great

4. Television / so Far so Good by Rex Orange County
i love rex and i love this song, i get down to this song

5. Money by The Drums
i can relate to this song on a spiritual level because i am ABSOLUTELY BROKE :))))))) haha :)

6. Vines by Hippo Campus
hippo campus is actually a pretty good band i kinda wish i coulda went to see them last month ? :/

7. Why by Sabrina Carpenter
this song is pretty old already lol. i shazamed it like a couple of months ago and barely added it to one of my playlists

8. Cupid's Chokehold/ Breakfast in America (ft. Patrick Stump) by Gym Class Heroes

9. I Know by Jocelyn Alice
this song is probably my favorite song in this months playlist. im in this like music recommendations group chat and this girl put this one and wow i do not regret looking it up

10. You Da One by Rihanna
tb to fourth grade when this was my actual song? why was i listening to this when i was 9

11. Limón y Sal by Julieta Venegas
i love julieta venegas, i grew up listening to her songs :) this song is so cute

12. Until the End of Time (feat. Beyonce) by Justin Timberlake
the Super Bowl halftime show reminded me that this song existed and i love it aw JT :')

13. 우아해 by Crush
i lovveee Crush's voice, y'all listen to this song

14. Dontcha by The Internet
my cousin showed me this song its pretty chill lol

15. Taken Care Of by Suzi Wu
i had listened to this song a couple of months ago on spotify but i forgottt to add it and so my cousin was like "listen to this song" and wow i was like !!!!

16. No Roots by Alice Merton
this song gets me puummmped yo i was listening to like an alternative radio station while cooking and i was like dang what song is this its lit lol

thaaaaas all, hoped you enjoyyedddddduhhhh <3