hello lovely people! today i'm sharing my favorite apps with you that you need to try out!

➸ headspace

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this app offers guided meditations, it helps me so much with relaxing and i've been feeling more positive since i've started using it

➸ duolingo

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i think you all know this app already but i just had to include it!

➸ reminders

i use the reminder app (included in my smartphone's system) all the time because i forget so many things and getting a notification every time i need to e.g. water my plants literally saves lives

➸ dreamdays

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with this app you can create countdowns to important events, birthdays etc.

➸ wattpad

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i learned english with this app a few years ago and it's honestly so amazing, there are so many different stories to fall in love with!


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no explanation needed

☆ some of my favorite shows ☆

➸ spotify

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music makes my life so much better

☆ my favorite playlist at the moment ☆


➸ weheartit

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pretty obvious... whi inspires me every day and it makes me so happy that i'm able to inspire others as well!

thank you so much for reading ♥

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have a great day!
love, mel ♡