How to survive Valentine's Day if you are single. The only day when you feel threatened because you are single is Valentine's Day. Why? Because there are couples everywhere; kissing, holding hands, hugging, exchanging gifts(more then usually). For all the single heartists here is a few tips on how to survive Valentine's Day.

When you wake up you know it 14th February so for the love of God don't use your phone because the moment you open your instagram or any other social media you will see stories and pictures of coulpes.

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Next thing you should do is to get to your windows and lower the blinds so that you don't have to look at couples.

If you fell an urge to send someone a message for Valentine's day quickly take random stuff in your house and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. Wish Happy Valentine's Day to fridge, mirror, phone, couch and other stuff.

You can't leave house that day so you have to prepare the day before, buy lots of food so that you don't have to leave your house. If you are inexperienced and you didn't prepare the day before I can understand that so you can order a pizza. After you have eaten all pizza(s) you might fall into a crisis so go get something sweet preferably a nutella.

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Don't call your friends, if they have boyfriends/girlfriends they are going to tell you that they will spend the day with them and you are going to feel sad and angry.

In the end you can always do what I do. Find a good series with many seasons and wait until Valentine's Day ends.

P.S. I know that this article makes me sound like I hate Valentine's Day but I don't. Although I do think that we can surprise our boyfriends/girlfriends everyday not just on Valentine's Day. This text is the opposite of what you should do on Valentine's day if you are single. I don't think that we should lock ourselves in house during Valentine's day just because we are single. You can always invite your single friends and you can go to cinema or for a walk or for a dinner. Anyways this P.S. is wait too long.

Happy Valentine's day to all members of WHI.

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XOXO Milena