I can’t remember when was the last time I posted a photo on the instagram or how it felt to see that my photo arrived at 100 likes, but I remember very well the feeling of erasing instagram. The moment my finger was about to click the delete button, a thousand and one thoughts went through my mind:

But what about all my followers? And all my likes? When I take a picture, who am I going to show? And all those comments saying I'm beautiful?

But I clicked, and since then I've realized that life goes way beyond that. Of all my followers, I don´t have contact with 1/4 of them today, and do you know how much I miss that? None. All the photos I take, I know they are for me, and for no one else. When I want to share with someone, I have my friends to send to, and my family to show. And when I show the "subtitle" goes far beyond a little phrase I found on the internet, it is my description of how I got there, to take that picture, how to felt when I pressed the button, and why I pressed that button.

I know that I no longer have contact with a girl I met on a trip 3 years ago, but I'm much closer to the people who are around me and who show me the good side of life. That every day give me a reason to smile, or to cry (from laughing to hard).

Because after all, instagram, and all the others social medias are there for some reason, and somehow they made me happy for a long time. But now, they lowered me by showing me that I was not like him, or that I was not as pretty as her, or that I would never have money to buy what she bought. And at that moment, for me, it's worth much more to thank for everything I have, than to compare myself with other people.

I'm not saying that you should delete the Instagram, because nowadays we doesn´t live without it, even I pick a little in my friend’s phone. I'm saying for you put in the balance, if that makes you happier, if it's one of the reasons that makes you get out of bed every day, and if you really need to waste X hours of your day squinting others lives.

In this world with so many options, we have to learn to prioritize those who put a smile on our faces.