article and love hurts image
Computer-I like it more than my phone.You can access more.
ballet, black and white, and dance image
Dance- It`s like my best friend.It doesn't talk but when I dance I go somewhere and that place I love.
food, McDonalds, and fries image
Food-Simply, I just love it so much.
chocolate, netflix, and cookie image
Netflix-My favorite website to watch series on.
black, dandelion, and black and white image
Black and white mostly movies-Its another world.
amber, kpop, and victoria image
aesthetic-Its just beautiful.
beach and gymnastics image
Gymnastics-I like the way it makes me feel.
music, flowers, and wallpaper image
Music-It can lift my mood.
moon, quote, and love image
Poetry-Its the best way I express myself.Other than dance.
city, photography, and light image
Photography-I like to take photos because I discover things.
love, pink, and heart image
This is 11 but I have to say I love we heart it in a way that words couldn't describe.I have met so many of my internet friends on this site and it's a good way to express your feelings and communicate with others.