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Describe five weaknesses you have, and five strengths.


I am a perfectionist, and I often go too far. I like having every single thing I own in their own special place, and if someone even moves it just a centimetre, I freak out.

Whenever I'm around people I don't know well enough, I barely even speak. This makes it hard to get to know new people.

Repressing feelings
I don't like feelings, I don't show them to anyone. This makes it incredibly hard to get help.

I can be super naive when it comes to people. People whom left my life, and suddenly tries to get back in. I always think that they have changed, but then they leave again, and it breaks my heart.

I can't say "no"
I am really terrible at saying "no" to things I don't want to do, or to people I don't want to see. But I am actually getting better at this!


Even though I'm naive in the people-category. I am quite intelligent in other categories.

Whenever life gets too hard to handle, I always manage to get through it. It's always hard, but I'm still here.

I would never do anything to break the trust between me and someone else.

I'm never disrespectful towards other people. I never do anything to hurt anyone else.

This is because I'm a perfectionist, but I consider this part of it a strength.


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