I'm sure that we all get tired of having the same old hairstyle every single day. Sometimes we all want to go for a new look - but its quite hard to figure out what new hairstyle to go for. Don't worry though, cause in this article, I'll show you some cute hairstyles you can try out for school!

#1. French Braided Space Buns

If you love to braid your hair or put it in a bun, then why not combine these two styles together and create fishtail braided space buns?

This hairstyle is not only cute, but its also practical for school because you'll be able to concentrate in your classes without your hair getting in your face.

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hair, braid, and hairstyle image

#2. Braided Pigtails

Instead of just going for an ordinary ponytail, try doing braided pigtails. This is a nice simple hairtsyle, that would go great with a nice casual outfit!

Its also an appropriate school hairstyle cause you'll be able to focus in class without your hair getting in your face.This hairstyle will also not get you in trouble with your teachers because it perfectly follows dress code rules.

hair, braid, and hairstyle image
hair, braid, and purple image

#3. Dutch Braids

This is such a cute feminine hairstyle style that will boost your confidence instantly - cause this hairstyle will make you feel well put together.

This hairstyle can go well with a fancy outfit or a simple casual outfit!

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#4. Twisted Crown Braid

This hairtyle is simple, yet fancy. The twisted braid creates a nice crown that keeps your hair out of your face and at the same time adds a pretty detail to your hair.

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Image by temwanovember♡

#5. Half up/ half down bun

If you're tired of just leaving your hair loose, then go for a half up bun that will add a chic touch to your hair.

This hairtsyle is also perfect when you're running late cause, all you have to do is put a part of your hair up into a cute bun.

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#6. Braided low ponytail

If you're tired of just going for an ordinary low ponytail, why not braid part of your hair and leave the rest to create a ponytail? you can also tie your ponytail around with a small section of your hair - which will add a fun and interesting detail to a classic ponytail.

A low ponytail is undeniably more comfortable than a high ponytail cause a low ponytail doesn't pull your hair too much - Which will make it easier for you to comfortably get on with your day at school, without suffering from headaches caused by a tight ponytail.

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Thanks for reading, loves! i hope these hairstyle ideas have inspired you to try out some cute and fun hairstyles, that will help you shine and make a statement at school!


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