I see a lot of people now doing this challenge and I thought why would not I do this? I have read a lot of great articles about this challenge and I thought I would do this as well.

This challenge was created by the #ThisIsMeChallenge which I read very often so try to do this for sure and send them through I would like to know more about the snowflakes squad !! So do not mind to send them in !!

let's start !!

1) Style

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion image girl, aesthetic, and beauty image fashion, jeans, and outfit image motivation and quotes image
I always have something black in my outfit. Sometimes I wear sporty clothing and also boyfriend jeans or a manteau.

2) Color

Image by F A S H I O N Image by Gino Pec couple, grunge, and dark image
My favorite color is black ... Usually this color describes me. I always wear something black in my outfit or my nails are black and I also want to dye my hair black . I think black is a very elegant and beautiful color ! (I am not emo)


Image by soul.child Mature image fitness, boxing, and body image beauty, box, and jump image car, girl, and bmw image arena, cool, and googles image
one of my passions is boxing and swimming. But I also like drawing, photography and of course hours of scrolling on "we heart it". Other passions are cars and shooting (do not ask why) and I also like gaming and collecting knives.


wolf, animal, and snow image wolf, animal, and wild image quotes and wolf image wolf and animal image
Wolves damnn...This animal describes me also I am strong,motivated and no one going to stand in my way (sound silly haha) but you know we womens need to stand on our own feet to achieve something and help eachoters we all are a pack and Alpha wolves !

6) Personality

tea, quotes, and pure image book, quotes, and coffee image beauty, empowerment, and feminism image fashion, nice, and girl image Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel girl, scarf, and foulard image beautiful, ukraine, and green image art, beautiful, and blonde image
These pictures tell it themselves ... I am strong on the outside but deep inside. I do not like to open up to people ... but when I open up I am very sweet and weird person! I also half Ukrainian half Belgian : the language that I can speak is Ukrainian,Russian,Dutch,French,English annddd a little bit Turkish ,Arabic and Italian ...

7) Dreams and goals

college, exam, and hard work image doctor image army, girls, and Isreal image Image removed decor, design, and dream home image nails, tattoo, and bmw image girl, hair, and long hair image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I would like to become a doctor later and then volunteer in the army for 2 years to fight after the army my own house, car and my own tattoo and change my appearance (other hair color, outfit, makeup, ...) when I'm done with school.These are just few things on my bucket list.

Njaah sorry for the fat ass long article but I hope you are not afraid or something ahaha but I hope you know me a little bit more on the basis of this article.

I hope you all have a nice day !! And do not be afraid to send me your article about yourself I would really like to know my squad better !! :)

Also do not forget to follow this collection if you want to know me more better !!

Kisses SNOW

(If you read this : I am proud of you that you read the whole article to the end !! Want become friends ? Send postcard !! ahaha)