13th February 2018

Hey guys! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and let's be honest most of you guys already have a plan with your date whereas the small portion of us have no clue what to do on Valentine's Day, bare in my mind I am single so I'm probably going to go out with my friends because at the end of the day it's still a normal day that was labeled for couples. I'm just rambling but let's get on with the article here are some date ideas for going with your date, friends or maybe just alone.


car black and white
This is a classic, maybe go for a romantic movie if you’re on a date but it can be any movie you like then go out for dinner.


couple beach
God knows there is barely anyone in London going on a picnic, so if you live in the city I say go for a picnic and be different as I doubt anyone would be doing that and it would be fun.

Fancy Restaurant

champagne cafe
Like special occasions are the time you go to the fancy restaurant, therefore, like three times a year, so on valentines day you can go to a fancy restaurant that sells these weird dishes you probably won't find anywhere else but I would recommend going Vapiano, Nandos if you live in London or near London. You can always go to all you can eat buffet which is absolutely the best.

Dessert Place

cake blue
I'm sorry but if someone was to take me to a dessert place I'll be more than happy and would actually appreciate the thought. But who doesn't love desserts, even if it's on Valentine;s Day.


food bed
There is no place like home, I'm joking but you can have a movie marathon or your favourite tv show, have a slumber party if you are with your friends or even date and chill home for people who don't want to be over the top or don't want to go out.


Superthumb beach
I love travelling even if it's just the next city or town over, so maybe go on an hour long or even more drive and just get to know each other even more and talk about fond or funny memories.

That's it for today's article, I hope you guys enjoyed and got ideas for your day tomorrow. Feel free to message me for any article request or just to talk.

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