Hey lovelies, today I decided to write an article about fitness, specifically on getting toned and exercised legs and to work out your body. This workout is awesome for you and if you feel a lot of pain take a one day break and start again! Don't give up! P.S. I got this workout from Gabriella Whited so if you want to watch her video here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRE1WQkE6JE
And if you want to have a look at my previous abs workout then here it is:

I really hope both of these help you!
Also for all of these leg exercises do 20 reps for each leg :)

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☆Lunge Jumps☆
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☆Lateral Leg Lift☆
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☆Leg Circles☆
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☆Fire Hydrant☆
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☆Side Kick☆

Baiiii! xx