i'm going to be attempting to do the "abc tag" just for fun. i think it started on Instagram, but if i'm wrong please send me a message if this tag was your idea, and i'll credit you!


a― age
i am sixteen

b― best movie
this one is hard because i don't watch too many movies, but probably neighbors

c― current time
it is currently 5:32 pm

d― drink you last had
water !

accessories, fashion, and girl image flowers, rose, and white image

e― everyday starts with
a cup of tea or coffee, whichever i'm feeling that day

f― favorite song
Home with You- Madison Beer

g― grossest memory
probably when i ate an octopus when i was around ten

h― height
i am 5'0.

Image removed fashion, style, and vogue image

i― in love with
reading !

j― jealous
more times than i'd like to admit

k― killed someone?

l― last time you cried
this morning when my drawer wouldn't shut and then i split my coffee on my coat, overdramatic i know haha

paris, travel, and city image fashion, outfit, and style image

m― middle name

n― number of siblings

o― one wish
to just be happy

p― person you last called/texted
my mom

coffee, food, and breakfast image fashion image

q― question you're always asked
"why are you so short?"

r― reasons to smile
tomorrow is a new day! get a good nights sleep and always start fresh the next day, no matter how the day before went.

s― song you last sang
No Option- Post Malone

t― time you woke up
i woke up at 7:15, which is later than usual.

la la land image drink and food image

u― underwear color
too many colors to list

v― vacation places
i have visited the Bahamas and Mexico!

w― worst habit
either over-thinking or procrastinating

girl, body, and nails image chocolate, pink, and food image

x― x-rays you've had
i had tog et one when i sprained my ankle

y― your favorite food
chocolate strawberries

z― zodiac sign
i am a virgo!


thank you so much for reading i hope you enjoyed! if you did, feel free to check out my other articles: