i'm going to be attempting to do the "abc tag" just for fun. i think it started on Instagram, but if i'm wrong please send me a message if this tag was your idea, and i'll credit you!


a― age
i am sixteen

b― best movie
this one is hard because i don't watch too many movies, but probably neighbors

c― current time
it is currently 5:32 pm

d― drink you last had
water !

accessories, fashion, and girl image flowers, rose, and white image

e― everyday starts with
a cup of tea or coffee, whichever i'm feeling that day

f― favorite song
Home with You- Madison Beer

g― grossest memory
probably when i ate an octopus when i was around ten

h― height
i am 5'0.

Image removed fashion, style, and vogue image

i― in love with
reading !

j― jealous
more times than i'd like to admit

k― killed someone?

l― last time you cried
this morning when my drawer wouldn't shut and then i split my coffee on my coat, overdramatic i know haha

paris and travel image fashion, outfit, and style image

m― middle name

n― number of siblings

o― one wish
to just be happy

p― person you last called/texted
my mom

food, coffee, and breakfast image fashion image

q― question you're always asked
"why are you so short?"

r― reasons to smile
tomorrow is a new day! get a good nights sleep and always start fresh the next day, no matter how the day before went.

s― song you last sang
No Option- Post Malone

t― time you woke up
i woke up at 7:15, which is later than usual.

beauty, chic, and fashion image drink image

u― underwear color
too many colors to list

v― vacation places
i have visited the Bahamas and Mexico!

w― worst habit
either over-thinking or procrastinating

body, fashion, and nails image chocolate, pink, and food image

x― x-rays you've had
i had tog et one when i sprained my ankle

y― your favorite food
chocolate strawberries

z― zodiac sign
i am a virgo!


thank you so much for reading i hope you enjoyed! if you did, feel free to check out my other articles: