I'm here again! And now with the 14th day !!! YAY!

Day 15: Describe 5 strengths you have

1. Funny
I'm always trying to make others laugh, I love to make people smile, especially those I love.

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2. Ambition
There are so many things I want to do, many dreams to fulfill, many goals, many ambitions.

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3. Listen to others
Many people talk and talk but very few listen. People should learn not only to talk about themselves but also to listen to the great things that happen to others, Am I wrong?

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2. Trust
Do you want to tell me something and not tell anyone? You can trust me, my mouth has a padlock. I would never do something to make people distrust me, since the only thing I ask of them is the same thing that I give them.

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1. Loving
When I love, I love a lot. So much that there are times I forget about me.
This strength has its good things but it also has bad things. Loving a lot always heals wounds but I do not know if it is always worth doing so with such intensity, because in the end want it or not, you realize that it is in vain, that the other person not always appreciate it.

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So, this is all. See you soon guys

Lot of love